Countdown to Christmas 2016

(Note: My Scratch project countdown has been updated to 2016 – Please click here to visit the Scratch project (ignore the warning – too lazy to disable it – it IS working., also too lazy to change the link to say 2016 :P))


I have created a new countdown thing in React.
You can see it at

Please provide feedback by tweeting me @themrcomputer1
or by emailing me mrcomputer1email (at) gmail (dot) com
or by comment on my Scratch Profile (or the countdown project)

I have got a Raspberry Pi! :D

I have got a Raspberry Pi πŸ˜€

Type: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (I think)
SD Card Space: 16gb (File program says 13.something GB)
Monitor: (Some acer one – Too lazy to find out exact model stuff)
Operating System: Raspbian
Programs: Nothing but the default programs Pion (by BookOwl) (I don’t use Pion much on it because it uses too much CPU (not sure about RAM) because of Electron), tightvncserver (A VNC server), xrdp (An RDP server)
Modifications: Switched time to 12 hours, Added temperature meter to bottom-right.

I haven’t made much with it yet but I did make a thing that will save a build to file and then can be built into the world – I am planning to put it on GitHub Gist. I will also include a few builds (like my simple brick house build). I’m not sure if I will create more then one build though.

I don’t know what I will do with it yet. If you have any ideas please comment!


EDIT #1 (20/08/2016): Updated monitor and programs

EDIT #2 (08/12/2016): Updated to Pixel (forgot to do it when it was released :P)