Contact System Broken
The contact system seems to be broken. I can get the message but not unlock IPs and reply.


Contact me on Scratch if you want one (Note: I will send the invite code by comment not by email when I did the email method with GRA0007 I got an alert - If you really want it done by email then email me at mrcomputer1email[at]gmail[dot]com - If you must do it with Scratch YOU MUST SHARE YOUR EMAIL WITHOUT ME ASKING SO I DO NOT GET AN ALERT If I do you must get the alert removed) I have a KeyBase account here
I have 21 invites! You can request an invite from me here
Notice: I will keep 2 invites

Who have I invited

If you don't want to be listed here please contact mrcomputer1email[at]gmail[dot]com! I will remove you as soon as I can! It MIGHT take about 1 day to 1 week and maybe more but hopefully not (I am not good at checking my email)!
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* = Invitedviathis